• A General Purpose Multi-User Object Storage System for Storing and Managing Vast Amount of Multimedia Data

Features and Characteristics  

  • Storage and Retrieval of Vast Amount of Multimedia Objects
  • High Performance for Systems such as Web-Site Search Engines, Document Retrieval Systems on Intranets, and Digital Libraries, where Dynamic Updates are Frequently Required
  • Concurrent Access for Multiple Users
  • Robust WAL-Based Crash Recovery with Record (Object) Level Locking
  • A File System on Raw Devices

Application Areas  

  • Relational Database Management Systems
  • Object-Oriented Database Management Systems
  • Multimedia Database Management Systems
  • Information Retrieval (IR) Engines
  • Web-Site Search Engines
  • Engineering Database Management Systems
  • Home Shopping
  • Digital Libraries
  • Multimedia Information Servers
  • Multimedia/Hypermedia Authoring Tools
  • Geographic Information Systems

Commercial Products 
  • COSMOS/IR-S: a high-tech storage system product tightly coupled with a text IR engine being used as the core engine for the web-site search system Naver (previously, Web Glider) of Samsung SDS Co. Naver has the largest database and is fastest in Korea.

Expected Results 

  • Core technological know-how for Object Storage Systems, Information Retrieval, and Spatial Access Method

Research Progress and Future Directions 

  • Extended Features for Multimedia: Continuous Stream Management, Synchronization
  • Advanced DBMS Facilities: Long Transactions, Version Management 

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