• A Multi-User Object-Oriented Multimedia Database Management System (DBMS) for Information Super-Highway Applications  

Features and Characteristics

  • An Object-Oriented Multimedia DBMS Tightly Coupled with the Text Information Retrieval(IR) System
  • The First Object-Oriented DBMS developed in Korea (version 1.0: 1995.7)
  • ODYSSEUS/IR (version 2.0: 1997.6)
  • Multimedia Database Facilities
  • Client/Server Architecture (Windows 98/NT, UNIX client)
  • Based on the Multimedia Object Storage System (COSMOS)
  • Object-Oriented Query Language (OOSQL with IR Query Extensions)
  • Object Buffer Management
  • Efficient Management of Multimedia Composite Objects
  • Concurrent Access for Multiple Users and Accurate WAL-Based Recovery
  • Scientist of the Month Award '98, Korea Science & Engineering Foundation(KOSEF) and Ministry of Science & Technology(MOST)
  • Commercialized in the Samsung SDS's Naver Engine (http://www.naver.com)


Application Areas

  • Digital Libraries
  • IR Systems and Multimedia DBMSs on Intranets
  • Home Shopping
  • Multimedia Information Servers for Information Super-Highway Applications
  • Base Systems for Hypermedia Systems
  • Object-Oriented DBMSs for Geographic Information Systems(GISs)
  • CAD/CAM Database Systems


Expected Results

  • Technical  Know-how (Forced Inheritance, Cost-Based Object Buffer Replacement, etc.)
  • Patents
  • Commercialization

Research Progress and Future Directions

  • Enhanced Object Buffer Management (Cost-Based Object Buffer Management)
  • Extension to Spatial OODBMS: Spatial Index, Spatial Query Language, and Spatial Object Storage System
  • Extension to Object-Relational DBMS: ODBC Interfaces, Complete Conformance to SQL3
  • Extended Multimedia Functionalities: Continuous Stream Management, Synchronization
  • Distributed Architecture: 3-tier Architecture and CORBA
  • Advanced DBMS Functionalities: Long Transactions, Version Management 

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